Dawn for a day design consultation

You have a design project you can’t seem to get off the ground. 

You have a new home and have no idea where to start and are completely overwhelmed and afraid of making a costly mistake.

Or,maybe you are afraid that you won’t know if you have chosen the right designer.

Perhaps you are on a tight budget and need to do things in stages but, want a “roadmap” so that you aren’t redoing things down the road.

For all of those very reasons, I have created Dawn for a Day.  This package, tied up with a beautiful bow, gives you the opportunity to problem solve some of your design problems that might not require the full service design experience. 

It is also perfect for those on a budget or DIY'ers who need some advice or direction.  It is an opportunity to take a dip in the shallow end of the pool to get a taste of working with me.  Just a date, no long term commitment. 

This is a great investment in your home.

You will come away with answers to your burning design questions.  It is an opportunity to craft a custom day package to meet your personal needs. You will be able to take advantage of my 30 years of design education and experience.

Once payment is received we will set up a day to meet.  I limit the number of this type of consultations due to other project demands.

We will set up a pre-meeting call to establish our goals for our session. Then we will roll up our sleeves and dig in.  You will receive notes and information from our time together, beautifully packaged, so you can refer back to our plan and work it as you are able.  

Think this might work for you?  Fill out the quick form below and let's see if we are a fit!

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— Albert Hadley