Full Service Luxe interior design


Decoration is really about creating a quality of life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all this is about, not just what’s in but what’s out.
— Albert Hadley

Wouldn’t you love to come home to a beautiful and inviting space that reflects your unique style, a place to celebrate, share, and create the story of your life?


Your home would totally support who you are the life you live.  A place for everything and everything lovely in its place.  You’ve worked hard to have a place to call home, but now it is a space that you can’t wait to share and entertain friends. You’ve created a place where people love to gather and where you can also recharge.  A sanctuary and celebration in one.


But right now....

You are looking at vanilla walls, furniture that has been handed down or worse yet, pieces you have purchased that now serve to remind you of the mistake you made. You just don’t know where to start... much less have the time to get it done.  You worry that you will be throwing good money after bad and not sure who you can trust.  After all, what exactly does a designer do and how do you know who is good?


You have probably already tried...

The do it yourself approach...after all how hard could it be to choose a paint color?  Judging by paint sample cans piling up into the double digits, harder than it looks. 

Maybe you purchased furniture and after living with it for a while, it just didn't feel right. $$$ down the drain.


Maybe you have hired someone, but were not happy with the end result. An expensive lesson.  Maybe they really had no formal training or experience in certain areas of design. Or maybe the personalities weren't a love connection.

Or maybe you have designed by committee...asking anybody and everybody their opinion... or trying to replicate other interiors only to end up with a really weak design or  even worse, a design disaster...an expensive design disaster.

I have seen it before...

I hate so be called in at the tail end of a project gone wrong.  It's expensive, time consuming, and frustrating for everyone.

That is why I created the Gracious Living Interiors...Full Service Luxe Interior DesignPackage..

This service was created to address the needs of successful busy professionals. You want a beautiful and functional home which reflects their style.  We are able to incorporate custom furnishings, finishes and millwork where needed. These spaces tend to be curated rather than mass purchased. Thought goes into the details --how a space is layed out and how it connects to other parts of the home, where windows and doors are located, where walls need to be or not be, on upholstery, architectural detailing, in color palettes,  or artwork and accessories.

Our specialty is whole house renovation, but we are happy to accept smaller projects.  Please note that because of our holistic approach to the design process, the smallest projects we accept are entire rooms.  We are happy to integrate owner items and artwork where appropriate to the overall design of the space.



The Gracious Living Interiors Packages include:

---In depth needs analysis of client needs and functions, as well as preferences and personal style, as well as analyzing and documenting existing space with photos and measurements.

--After schematic and design development phases are complete, floor plans, elevations, and detail drawings will be provided as needed.  In addition, sample boards and specification binders will be completed.

--Purchase orders and specifications will be generated as needed

--Project coordination with custom vendors, contractors, sub-contractors and installers

--Installation oversight

--Accessory selection and placement

--A full color hardcover book documenting the project

--Additional concierge services are available such as a fresh flower program,and tabletop design


Sounds Like A Lot of Work...

It is...but not for you!  The process will be the opposite of stressful because you have an experienced professional who has a system and process that helps smooth out the bumps in what is a rather bumpy road.  Your dream home will be created by a design professional who will listen to you with an open ears, mind and heart.  While this is a bit of a team effort our part of the team does the heavy lifting....leaving you to do the things you do best.

Do you think that a professional with a degree in interior design and over 25 years of experience working with the best firms in the industry might help eliminate the angst?  Imagine, no second guessing, no more over-thinking every little decision, no more costly mistakes--just a streamlined process that gets you to an Amazing Space!

Sounds like it has your name all over it?  Fill out the form below and let's see if we are a fit!



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