The details are not the details. The details make the design.
— Charles Eames

So, How did I get into this crazy gig?

I, like many designers grew up with a love of design and architecture...easy to do when you grow up in the birthplace of modern architecture, Chicago.

My father was a master cabinet maker and also designed and built our house. I was always hanging around and interested in how to create.  I started designing furniture and having it made at age 10.

But for those of us who are consumed by the their passion, we are compelled to learn all that we can, to constantly refine, rework and push our selves. When I discovered that there was actually a profession that created the interior environment that wasn't all decorating, I gave up the idea of Law School...And was intellectually challenged in ways I could never imagine.  I received a BS in design from the College of Environmental Planning and Design.

While working for the top commercial architecture and design firms, I was on my way creating amazing commercial spaces varying in range from corporate high rises, to performing arts centers, hospitality, and institutional design, and  adding a little furniture and fabric design along the way.  I have done projects all over the country but mostly east coast/ west coast.

In between, I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco, married in Sausalito, honeymooned in northern Italy and the south of France, had two amazing children and an irreverent Wheaten Terrier, relocated from San Francisco to Connecticut, renovated several homes and resold them for significant profits, created beautiful gardens, worked on great projects and with interesting clients including a big name pro athlete, became an accomplished home chef, played a lot of tennis, tried to like golf (got too bored, and I don't look good in the clothes), entertained and enjoyed the pleasure of sharing a beautiful home, spent summers in Nantucket, autumn in Jackson Hole and winters in Palm Beach and Arizona, holidays in the Adirondaks, traveled, learned lots, loved a ton, ate too much, and generally lived a good life...And never get tired of helping my clients live their good life.

Along the way, I stepped out of the craziness of large architecture firms and commercial projects and opened my own boutique studio specializing in residential renovation, where I am able to turn those frog houses into handsome princes.

an effortless display of grace; make whatever is done or said appear to be without effort
— Baldassare Castiglione

And for the official-ish bio:

Dawn Gepfert has worked in the interior architecture and design industry for 30 years.  Having a BS in Design, specifically interior architecture, and graduate work in historic preservation, she went on to work for several of the top 5 interior design and architecture firms in the country, working on a wide variety of commercial projects.  

Starting her studio in 2004 with the intention of bringing the best practice of commercial interiors to the residential arena, she specializes in marrying the architecture with the interiors and function with aesthetics.  She has had diverse clients from small commercial clients to professional athletes. 

She holds NCIDQ certification, the gold standard and only recognized certification in the industry.  She is also certified in the state of California via the IDEX exam, as California has its own criteria. In an effort to pursue her passion to continue to learn and grow and push outside of the box, she  continues to keep up with new design, technology and codes, industry standards and best practices.